"Report To Mollom" ??

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On the bottom of most content, I see a "Report To Mollom" link. What is it?

Mollom is a web service we subscribe to which helps us control unwanted content--spam--that haunts many websites that allow users to add content. Sophisticated spammers create automated spambots that search for Content Management System (CMS) based sites. They find the user registration page and create new accounts, maybe hundreds or thousands, then use the accounts they created to post their nasty stuff in all the forums.

1st off, as every new account requires CAPCHA verification. Those are the squiggly graphic-based characters that must be entered to submit the new account request. Automated 'bots can't read those squigglies and stops them from the first step.

Now Organized Crime that spews their spam are using people, mostly children at about $1 per day, to cruise for websites to attack. and create new accounts so they can load the forums. Mollom to the rescue. Every piece of content that is created is checked against the world-wide Mollom database. If it matches something that has been reported from another site, or from a known spam account, it is denied.

So the "Report Mollom" link lets you report any content that is spam if you find anything that has gotten through. Of course, if you click that link on something that is not spam, its not good!

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