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Meeting Oct 18 2017

TCRCM Membership Meeting on Wednesday Oct. 18, 2017- Richland Shilo Inn Restaurant, 7-8 PM


Club meeting this upcoming Wednesday evening at the Shilo, and there is a good chance the food service will be back. Doug will confirm tomorrow and will let you all know. Some of the agenda topics are our fun-fly next weekend, field preps for winter, an exciting new event for next year that Rob Skiba will discuss, results of the Sagebrush Smackdown and decision on year end banquet location and date plus much more.

Hope to see you all there.


Bill Bowen

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New TCRCM Sign Installation Complete


The new sign installation is complete and it looks fantastic. All of the participants in the Sagebrush (WINDY) Smackdown commented on high nice it is and easy to see when trying to find our entrance.

Again we all need to thank Bob Anderson and George Vargo both for the quality and quantity of the work they did. Bob also wanted to thank Rob Opgenorth, Bruce McDannold, and Mark Denson (our newest member) for helping with the installation. The sign is very heavy, easily 300+ lbs. So thank you Rob, Bruce and Mark.

Mark, I also want to welcome you to TCRCM, and we usually do not put new members to work on their first day in the club.

Some members were worried about the sign surviving the wind. I stopped and checked it on the way out today, and it is still solidly stuck in the sand/dirt.

We also need to recognize Brett for having the sign made and also a special thanks to Craig and Terry Ann Christensen for their donation to have the sign made.

There should be no excuses anymore by anyone who cannot see our beautiful sign at the entrance to the field-----No more HRMC sign getting all the attention.


Bill Bowen

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Sept 2017 Minutes

Officer Nominations for 2018-Lyle Laughery provided a synopsis of the status and was the only member of the Board of Directors that was present. We only have two candidates with one of them being a continuation of this year. John Patton has volunteered to be the 2018 Treasurer, and George Vargo will continue as the Secretary. There are no candidates for President or Vice President. This is a real problem that the Board of Directors needs to resolve.

- Proposal to change meeting night to Third Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday of each month. It is necessary to change the meeting night to support new officer's schedule. Those in attendance at the meeting voted that the new meeting night will be Tuesday and it will start with the February 2018 meeting.

- Planning for 4th Helicopter Sagebrush Smackdown Event Brett provided a status as to what support will be needed and an estimate of the number of participants based on his discussions at a recent Helicopter fun fly in Dayton Oregon. It is estimated that ~40-50 fliers will be attending. Support from the club will be needed to supply lunches on Friday and Saturday with a dinner on Saturday evening. They will be flying under the lights again and do not want to leave the field to eat. Flying under the lights is one of the main attractions for those that will be attending. Support will also be needed to pickup and return the generator lights that are used for night flying. The Smackdown will be held October 6-8, 2017. Rob Skiba will be the Contest Director

- New TCRCM sign installation. Need a work Party to install before the Smackdown. The planning for the installation is coming together and should be complete in the next few days. The plan is to have it installed prior to the Smackdown.

- New Event for 2018-Jet Rally. Rob Skiba has proposed that TCRCM and MAA team up to host a radio Control model Jet Rally. Rob is an old Jet flier from his years living in Nebraska and has participated in the planning and execution of such an event. We are proposing to have the event at Richland airport in June of 2018. Initial contact has been made with the Port of Benton, who is the airport manager. More to come.

- Field Maintenance needs for year end and 2018-change watering schedule??Delayed until next meeting.

- Fun-Fly/Pot Luck/Swap Meet next month after Heli event????? There was very positive interest and the vote was unanimous to have a club food and fun fly mid October after the Heli event.

- Outhouse needs for the winter??? Final pumping of the year will be after the Heli event in October and will restart in April 2018. This is dependent of course that no outer space creature gives birth in it over the winter.

- Show and Tell: Bill’s Dyna-Jet-over 60 years old. Both myself and Rob Skiba brought jets for model aircraft. Mine was an old pulse (Dyna) jet that I bought and competed with when I was 12. Rob brought a brand new 30# turbine-an amazing work of art.

- Door Prize from Scott Page. Many thanks to Scott and Camille page for bringing all attendees a bottle of environmentally safe solder flux.

- Other Pattern contest income was ~$600. The increase was primarily due to making sure everyone that ate lunch paid for lunch. Many thanks to John Patton and Linda Cone for helping Dennis and myself to make this happen.

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2017 ARC Day Thankyou

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Synopsis of: Memorial Fun Fly- Pot Luck


I want to thank all of you for attending and also the wives that were able to attend. Wives always class the group of us up. It was a great success again even though for the first hour or so we were all under the shelter. Of course 'togetherness' is a good thing. The food was great and no one went away hungry.

Lyle gets the most flights award with that hot rod Russian airplane. Hope you all had a good time and look forward to seeing you there next year.



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FAA Refunding UAS Registration Fees

Under specific conditions, you may be able to get a refund on your sUAS registration fee and have your registration information removed from their database. Click the link below for more information and the form.

Click Here For More Information

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Flying Site Safety and Security Guidelines Issued 2016

To be in compliance with AMA requirements, the club has updated our "Flying Site Safety and Security Guidelines" document. All members should review these guidelines.

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    The club membership categories and annual dues are:

  • Individual ($75 per year)
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  • Emeritus- must be 60 or older and have been a club member for at least 5 years. Emeritus are not entitled to fly at the field. No dues.

There are three ways to join or renew:

See you at the Flying Field!

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Club business is conducted in monthly meetings open to all members and guests. Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM, except December and January. Meetings are currently held at Rosy's Diner, 404 Bradley Blvd, Richland, WA. Business issues between meetings are handled by an Executive committee. For general information on the club, please click the "ABOUT" on the main menu above. The "Info" tab above has specific information concerning ongoing events club business. See below and click "read more" below for information on use of this website.

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